Who We Are and What We Are Working On!


The Public Speaking Skills Lab or PSSL is a resource found on Binghamton University’s campus in the Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center. This establishment is developed for the sole purpose of improving the public speaking abilities of students on campus for whatever presentational situations they may need assistance with. The lab can provide assistance for items ranging from class presentations, to group projects, and in some cases even speeches. The interns for the lab are given specific training to provide insight on just about any area of progression on a presentation from the outlining to the content (barring specific subject matter for the presentation). A new feature of the lab is the PSSL Workshop series that will encompass group workshops geared toward improving specific aspects of public speaking. Each workshop is put together by interns from the lab and is constructed to target areas of concern in terms of public speaking as well as improve confidence and pragmatic strategies for presentational delivery.

The Public Speaking Skills Lab is working to take a more forward and hands on approach at providing assistance to students who feel it necessary to improve and polish their abilities in the realm of public speaking.


Blog Post By Program Assistant Andre Donaldson


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